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  • JMJ
  • Iglesia de Nicaragua se retira de evento previo a la JMJ de Panamá


    El arzobispado panameño dijo este viernes que la Iglesia en Nicaragua, un país donde varios centenares de personas han muerto en el marco de protestas antigubernamentales, notificó su retiro de un evento previo a la Jornada Mundial de la Juventud (JMJ) que se celebrará en Panamá en enero próximo

2018/07/28 16:58:43
  • JMJ
  • Church of Nicaragua withdraws from event prior to WYD in Panama


    The Panamanian archbishopric said on Friday that the Church in Nicaragua, a country where hundreds of people were killed in the context of anti-government protests, announced its withdrawal from an event prior to the World Youth Day (WYD) to be held in Panama in January

2018/07/19 15:41:31
2018/07/19 15:30:59
  • Nicaragua
  • Nicaragua: three months of crisis with 351 dead, division and distress


    As of today, Nicaragua has been engulfed for three months into its bloodiest crisis since the 1980s, which began with demonstrations against a reform of social security and became a national cry that calls for the ouster of President Daniel Ortega, which has polarized the country

2018/07/17 16:31:27
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