• 2019/02/10 22:30:59

    Nicaragua is heading towards its worst economic crisis in the last 30 years



    The Nicaraguan economy, which contracted by 4% last year, is heading to its worst economic crisis in the last 30 years in the middle of a socio-political and humanitarian conflict that has confronted the Government with the private sector and other agents of this impoverished country

  • 2019/01/27 18:08:53

    Gov't loses support in its poor bastions in Venezuela's capital



    On Jan. 23, hours after lawmaker Juan Guaido declared himself Venezuela's interim president, the entrance to Petare, a poor neighborhood in Caracas, was engulfed by flames, a sign that residents are no longer backing the government

  • 2018/09/17 18:23:24

    Almagro urges the international community to prevent Venezuela from "being Rwanda"

    Luis Almagro


    The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, urged the international community today to prevent Venezuela from becoming Rwanda, where between 800,000 and one million people were murdered in 1994 while the world seemed oblivious to barbarism

  • 2018/07/28 16:58:43

    Church of Nicaragua withdraws from event prior to WYD in Panama



    The Panamanian archbishopric said on Friday that the Church in Nicaragua, a country where hundreds of people were killed in the context of anti-government protests, announced its withdrawal from an event prior to the World Youth Day (WYD) to be held in Panama in January

2018/07/19 15:30:59
  • Nicaragua
  • Nicaragua: three months of crisis with 351 dead, division and distress


    As of today, Nicaragua has been engulfed for three months into its bloodiest crisis since the 1980s, which began with demonstrations against a reform of social security and became a national cry that calls for the ouster of President Daniel Ortega, which has polarized the country

2018/07/17 16:26:13
2018/04/21 21:03:55
  • Varela - Maduro
  • Panamanian President opens door to meeting with Maduro to deal with crisis


    Panamanian president Juan Carlos Varela did not dismiss today to meet with his Venezuelan counterpart, Nicolás Maduro, in an attempt to solve the recent bilateral crisis, which includes the suspension of the air connection between both countries and the withdrawal of their respective ambassadors

2017/07/31 15:10:49