• 2019/02/09 15:01:43

    There are 12,730 deportees from the Northern Triangle from the US and Mexico in January



    The nationals of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador deported by the US and Mexico last January totaled 12,730, according to official data from those countries that make up the Central American North Triangle, an area plagued of violence and poverty that has been living for several months the phenomenon of migrant caravans that head north of the continent

  • 2018/06/20 12:28:55

    Panama calls for migration policies that guarantee family reunification



    The Government of Panama today expressed its "concern" for Central American minors who are being separated from their migrant parents in the southern border of the United States and called for the development of migration policies "that guarantee reunification family"

  • 2017/05/19 11:10:58

    Arrests of dissidents in Cuba increase

    Arrests of dissidents in Cuba climb

    Patrizia Aymerich

    The persecution of dissidents in Cuba has climbed three times for 13 years. The recent figures again raised red flags of NGOs that fight for freedom of thought on the island

  • 2016/08/25 15:28:04

    Costa Rica has deported a second irregular migrant from Haiti

    Near 3.000 migrants are stuck in Costa Rica in their way to The United States

    Karina Lizcano

    The Department of Government and Police, the migration authority, indicated that the Haitian was not carrying any document of revenue nor traffic permission