2018/07/29 19:44:18
  • cars
  • In Panama a car can be rented for up to 20 dollars a day


    In Panama, renting a car can represent an expense ranging from $ 20 to $ 180 per day, according a survey of prices of nine leasing companies consulted by the Authority for Consumer Protection and Competition Defense (Acodeco)

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  • Cartoon
  • Cartoons of the week


    The situation of the Panamanian field producers has been one of the main news of the week, highlighted by the Panamanian cartoonists as well as the claims of the IDAAN workers. This week in the graphic opinion also highlights the race for the General Elections of 2019 and more on the case of former President Ricardo Martinelli

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  • Tocumen
  • Experts warn Latin America must adapt aeronautical infrastructure


    In Latin America, the development and modernization of the current aeronautical infrastructure is a challenge for the aviation industry and if it is not adapted to the demands of the market, its growth could be inhibited, the director of ALTA, Luis Felipe Oliveira, warned

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  • Archivo
  • Panama and China complete first round of FTA negotiations


    The negotiating teams of Panama and China completed the first round of negotiations of the free trade agreement (FTA), focused on standardizing, agreeing terminology, definitions and initial concepts, an official source reported