• 2018/11/17 19:48:02

    Ecuador prepares for friendly match against Panama next Tuesday

    El director técnico de la selección de fútbol de Ecuador, Hernán Darío Gómez, dirige un entrenamiento


    The Maracaná stadium in El Chorrillo, located on the slopes of Cerro Ancón in the Panamanian city, was the venue of the first training of the Ecuadorian team prior to the friendly match against the Central American “Roja”, having as a primary urgency the definition works

  • 2018/09/27 16:28:24

    The first ladies of Panama, Ecuador and Paraguay want to expand cooperation



    The first ladies of Panama, Lorena Castillo; Ecuador, Rocío González; and Paraguay, Silvana López, spoke of cooperation to promote projects in favor of children, human rights and empowerment opportunities for women, within the framework of the UN General Assembly

  • 2018/09/11 18:13:19

    A new coral species is discovered on the Panamanian island of Coiba



    A new blood-red octocorals species was discovered recently in an underground mountain near the island paradise of Coiba, located in the Panamanian Pacific, reported today the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama (STRI)

  • 2018/07/25 16:38:07

    Special forces of America and the Caribbean hold their Olympics in Panama

    Fuerzas Especiales


    Special forces from 17 countries in America and the Caribbean today put their skills to the test in the Caribbean Sea of ​​Panama, in the framework of an event considered a "military and police Olympics", one of the organization's leaders told Efe

2018/07/08 14:41:59
2018/06/23 08:15:27
  • Yadira Aguagallo, esposa de Paul Rivas, uno de los periodistas del Diario el Comercio de Ecuador
  • Colombia confirms recovered bodies are of Ecuadorian journalists


    Colombia's defense minister confirmed Friday that dental tests have almost confirmed that the three bodies recovered from a forest region in Southern Colombia belong to members of a media team of Ecuadorian newspaper El Comercio, who were reportedly kidnapped and killed by a guerilla group

2018/05/09 15:47:59
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2018/02/05 19:47:18
  • Consulta Popular
  • Ecuador ended indefinite reelection

    On Sunday, February 4, Ecuadorians held a popular consultation that included seven questions. The referendum was to decide the political fate of former President Rafael Correa and current President Lenin Moreno

2017/12/14 10:42:43
  • This containerized cargo was captured based on the alleged commission of the crime of illicit maritime traffic
  • 147-drug packages seized from Ecuador


    The National Aeronaval Service of Panama (Senan) seized 147-drug packages from the Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil in the Balboa Port, located in the Pacific sector of the Interoceanic Canal

2017/10/30 16:52:22
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