2018/07/25 16:38:07
2018/07/08 14:41:59
2018/06/23 08:15:27
  • Yadira Aguagallo, esposa de Paul Rivas, uno de los periodistas del Diario el Comercio de Ecuador
  • Colombia confirms recovered bodies are of Ecuadorian journalists


    Colombia's defense minister confirmed Friday that dental tests have almost confirmed that the three bodies recovered from a forest region in Southern Colombia belong to members of a media team of Ecuadorian newspaper El Comercio, who were reportedly kidnapped and killed by a guerilla group

2018/05/09 15:47:59
2018/04/29 13:22:16
2018/04/20 18:18:13
2018/02/05 19:47:18
  • Consulta Popular
  • Ecuador ended indefinite reelection

    On Sunday, February 4, Ecuadorians held a popular consultation that included seven questions. The referendum was to decide the political fate of former President Rafael Correa and current President Lenin Moreno

2017/12/14 10:42:43
  • This containerized cargo was captured based on the alleged commission of the crime of illicit maritime traffic
  • 147-drug packages seized from Ecuador


    The National Aeronaval Service of Panama (Senan) seized 147-drug packages from the Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil in the Balboa Port, located in the Pacific sector of the Interoceanic Canal

2017/10/30 16:52:22
2017/10/27 13:42:53