• 2018/05/28 09:55:05

    Panamanian business leaders support dual education and create vacancies



    The Panamanian private company offered its decided support to the development of technical education in Panama and offered to create jobs to absorb those who are trained

  • 2018/04/13 15:35:46

    First Space Olympiad is held in Panama

    Olimpiadas Espaciales Panama


    With the intention of promoting astronomical knowledge, the first Panamanian Space Science Olympiad (OliPaCe) is held. The competition will serve to select in August 5 young people who will represent Panama in the Latin American Astronomy and Astronautics Olympiad, in October, in Paraguay.

  • 2018/03/06 10:56:47

    Schools started classes with some difficulties

    Petra Serracin


    Regional Director of Education of Panama Centro Petra Serracín, responsible for at least 140 education institutions, acknowledged that there are some problems but believes that they will be solved in the course of the next weeks

  • 2018/03/05 18:07:56

    Protests and new challenges for the school year


    Marietta Puche

    This Monday, March 5, the 2018 school year started in Panama, where protests over the poor conditions of some schools were felt early in the morning. Parents, guardians and students of the IPT Jeptha B. Duncan and the General Basic Center San Vicente de Paúl took to the streets to express their dissatisfaction over the failures attributed to the Panamanian education system, according to local media

2018/03/04 13:21:08
  • school starts in Panama,
  • Karina Herrera: School year starts with disappointment


    President of the National Confederation of Parents Karina Herrera listed a number of aspects considered a debt by the Ministry of Education (Meduca) and that still affect some educational institutions such as slum schools, infrastructure problems, inappropriate amount of teachers and payment default for the language unit, rendering it impossible to start classes with English teachers

2018/02/27 14:25:23
  • Educación
  • Back to School Countdown


    The migration from private to public schools will be one of the characteristics within a population that has around 800 thousand students and that will return to classes, throughout the Panamanian territory, next Monday, March 5

2018/02/26 19:20:40
2017/10/11 20:31:28
  • Almost 50% of Panamanian companies have difficulty finding workers with the skills they need
  • Poor quality of education hinders equity


    Panama has experienced spectacular economic growth in recent years, but the poor quality of its public education has made it one of the most unequal countries in the world