• 2019/02/19 16:14:20

    The seven presidential candidates of Panama are measured in their first debate



    The seven candidates for the Presidency of Panama will measure themselves on Wednesday in their first debate in the lead-up to the general elections on May 5, with the topics of health, education, food, and constitutional reforms as the discussion basis

  • 2019/01/06 19:04:27

    Panamanian businessmen insist on constitutional reforms by legislatures

    Gabriel Barletta, presidente de la CCIAP


    The Chamber of Commerce, Industries, and Agriculture of Panama insisted today to make that the country Constitution changes through two continuous legislatures (in the National Assembly) "as a less complex route," instead of introducing a fifth ballot as the Executive Branch proposes.

  • 2019/01/06 18:45:22

    Panamanian electoral process is formalized

    Tribunal Electoral


    The electoral process in Panama formally opens this Saturday, January 5, 2019, towards the next May elections, local press reported

  • 2018/12/17 00:13:11

    What would you do as President?



    This is the second round of opinions that we gathered from our  interviewers that shows the Panamanians vision of what the future of the country should be, which is not discouraging  due to the variety of options presented

2018/11/08 12:22:40
  • CNN
  • White House pulls CNN reporter's press pass


    The White House has suspended CNN correspondent Jim Acosta's press credential after he and President Donald Trump clashed again during a postelection news conference, according to a report by Dow Jones Newswires made available to EFE on Thursday

2018/11/07 15:15:18
2018/11/07 14:24:14
  • Deb Haaland, 57, not only is part of the conglomerate of women present at the Congress since January, but also, along with Sharice Davids, the first Indian to hold a seat in that country. Davids, besides being indigenous, also becomes the first female homosexual to win a sit in Congress, so with both, two significant communities in the United States will have a representative
  • Women and Hispanic Democrats make history in the United States

    Alvaro Goncalves

    After the US midterm elections, a total of 37 Latinos will be in the House of Representatives to replace the 34 former seats; 2 more will continue in the Senate (Ted Cruz and Bob Menéndez) thanks to the Hispanic vote increased considerably compared to the elections of two years ago

2018/11/07 11:43:48
  • The coastal area of Miami also left interesting readings for the future, by leaning a little more by the democratic current that is somewhat logical in the area, being one of the most varied in terms of nationalities, predominating the Latino community, which always It has been supported by the blue bench but had expressed support for the Republican nucleus.
  • United States is divided after the intermediate elections

    Alvaro Goncalves

    With these results, the elections of 2020 are matched from this very moment and at the same time, the power of Trump is consolidated in the most autochthonous or patriotic sectors of the United States, where the mixture of nationalities has been given in smaller quantity as the zones rural

2018/11/06 20:16:51
2018/11/06 18:32:09
  • Elecciones
  • US Midterm elections are due today in a murky environment

    Alvaro Goncalves

    US President Donald Trump said in press conference that due to the illegal entrance of so many people, the authorities are warned on the possibility of casting illegal vote; nevertheless, he highlighted lack of evidence

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2018/10/23 07:39:12
  • Ricardo Lombana
  • Ricardo Lombana: Unfortunately, justice in Panama has a price

    Oscar Sulbarán

    In an exclusive interview with Panama Today, Ricardo Lombana, journalist, lawyer and presidential candidate for independent nomination talked about his presidential candidacy, the failure and price of the Judicial System and the lies and politics influencing investigations of the current government .