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  • The Foreign Ministry of Panama said that they "supports the call" of Pope Francis to "find a negotiated solution between the government and the Venezuelan opposition
  • Panama support Pope's call to avoiding "impositions" in Venezuela


    Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro called on Monday the "original constituent power" so that "the working class" convened a National Constituent Assembly, stating that it has no other alternative and that in this way it will achieve peace in The country and will be defeated "the coup d'état"

2016/10/24 17:32:59
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  • The vice president and chancellor of Panama, Isabel De Saint Malo de Alvarado
  • De Saint Malo will defend EU-CELAC transparency of Panama


    The vice president and chancellor of Panama will defend "the strengthening of bi-regional dialogue" and "continue the diplomatic offensive deployed by the country following the international debate on transparency," the Foreign Ministry

2016/10/24 17:25:10