• 2019/02/21 10:09:20

    Panama and Costa Rica agree on plan to face irregular flow of immigrants

    Panama and Costa Rica agree on plan to face irregular flow of immigrants


    The governments of Panama and Costa Rica reaffirmed on Wednesday their commitment to address the growing flow of irregular immigrants who make their way to the United States, a task that they plan to carry out with the maximum order to guarantee its transit

  • 2019/02/10 10:38:28

    Venezuela-Colombia border bridge bears witness to daily migrations

    clombo venezolano


    Thousands of Venezuelans have for years crossed the Simon Bolivar bridge connecting their nation with Colombia in search of cheaper and better quality products to bring back across the border but, nowadays, those daily migrants are increasingly focused on finding simple necessities like food and medicine, basic human needs that are considered a luxury in their crisis-rocked homeland

  • 2018/10/29 19:19:08

    Honduras urges to investigate death of migrant in Guatemala and Mexico border


    Claudia Pita

    The Honduran government regretted the death of the Honduran migrant during the clash with Mexican federals after crossing the border with Guatemala, in his attempt to reach the US, and urged to investigate the incident.

  • 2018/10/04 08:41:50

    Costa Ricans close border with Panama against tax changes in their country

    Costa Rica


    A group of Costa Rican citizens closed Panama-Costa Rica border in the Paso Canoas sector, to protest against a package of tax reforms that, according to them, the Government of their country, claim plans to approve without due consultation

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