• 2018/11/25 20:16:30

    Panama and China report "rapprochements" in negotiations for the FTA



    Panama and China concluded today in the Panamanian capital the Fourth Round of Negotiations for a free trade agreement (FTA) with "approaches" in the chapters of Rules of Origin, Customs Procedures, Market Access and Trade in Services, said the Ministry of Commerce and Industries (MICI)

  • 2018/08/28 21:25:22

    Panama and China complete second round of FTA negotiations and reach progress

    China Panama


    Panama and China completed the second round of negotiations for the signing of a free trade agreement (FTA) and have already agreed, among other issues, that the Central American country can withdraw any Chinese product that does not comply with its sanitary norms, informed an official source today

  • 2018/08/19 23:33:30

    Panama continues negotiation of FTA with China



    Panama's negotiating mission traveled to China this weekend to start the second round of talks in order to establish a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA), the Ministry of Commerce and Industries reported

  • 2018/07/15 20:26:51

    Panama and China complete first round of FTA negotiations



    The negotiating teams of Panama and China completed the first round of negotiations of the free trade agreement (FTA), focused on standardizing, agreeing terminology, definitions and initial concepts, an official source reported

2017/12/15 11:17:12
  • Panama would become an ideal offer for Chinese investors to see Panama as an income source
  • What is behind the agreements between Panama and China?

    Ariana Ramírez

    Last November, Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela visited for the first time the People's Republic of China, a tour that became historic since the signature of 19 bilateral agreements and the opening of the Embassy of Panama in China

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