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  • 2018: When Panamanians Enjoyed a Soccer World Cup
  • 2018: The year Panamanians enjoyed the Soccer World Cup


    June 18 was the eagerly awaited moment for Panamanians. The emotions were contained. Some had not been able to fall asleep the night before. The pride of seeing the Panamanian flag and listening to the notes of the National Anthem was the eagerly awaited by everyone after that October 10, 2017, when the Panamanian defender Roman Torres covered himself with glory and pushed into the net the winning goal against Costa Rica, goal that became the direct ticket to Russia

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  • Real Madrid
  • Real Madrid confirm their recovery with a win over Viktoria Plzen


    Real Madrid finished confirming that they are overcoming the crisis of results by visiting the Doosan Arena of the Czech Republic and beating Viktoria Plzen in the Champions League 0-5, the same team they suffered to beat by the minimum in Santiago Bernabeu during the Lopetegui era