Heriberto Araúz

  • 2019/02/07 08:54:25

    According Panama's electoral body there is no time for constitutional consultation

    Panama's electoral body says there is no time for constitutional consultation


    The electoral body of Panama warned on Wednesday that the time to organize a consultation on constitutional reforms in parallel to the general elections in May is over, as intended by the Executive

  • 2018/03/22 08:23:30

    2019 general elections in Panama regulated

    Elecciones Generales del 2019 en Panamá


    The magistrates of the Electoral Court (TE) signed Decree 12 dated March 21, 2018, which establishes the regulations and the electoral calendar for the General Elections of 2019. "On May 5, the Court will call for General Elections because according to the law elections must be convened a year before. On that date the calendar will start," Electoral Court's President Heriberto Araúz told local media