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  • An Iranian woman and her child attend an anti-US demonstration marking the 39th anniversary of US Embassy takeover, in front of the former US embassy in Tehran
  • Trump digs in for a long, cold war with Iran


    President Donald Trump has put Iran on notice that the punishing sanctions he plans to impose on Iran are just the opening salvo of an ambitious strategy to compel Tehran to pull back from its assertive posture in the Middle East or risk collapse, Dow Jones Newswires said in a report made available to EFE on Sunday

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  • Panama and Iran will play on November 9 in Austria
  • Panama and Iran will play on November 9 in Austria

    Andrés Castellano

    Five days after the meeting against the Iranians, the Central American team who heads the Colombian Hernán Darío 'Bolillo' Gomez will play against Wales in Cardiff, the capital of that country

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