Isabel de Saint Malo

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  • Pobreza
  • Panama presents a unique tool in Latin America to measure child poverty


    The multidimensional poverty in children and adolescents in Panama is 32.8 percent, according to an unpublished measurement tool in Latin America presented today by the country that will help it to identify with greater precision the special deficiencies of this sector of the population

2018/09/10 17:56:53
  • Isabel De Saint Malo
  • Panamanian Vice President De Saint Malo, awarded with a Bravo 2018 Award


    The Council of the Americas (COA) announced today that the Panamanian Vice President, Isabel De Saint Malo, has been awarded as an Innovative Leader in the Bravo Business Awards for her role in "policy promotion" that have improved government efficiency and the lives of millions of Panamanians"

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  • Ricardo Martinelli
  • Martinelli sues Panama’s vice president for 20 million dollars


    Former Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli, imprisoned in the framework of a trial for illegal wiretapping, sued the vice president and chancellor of Panama, Isabel De Saint Malo, for a $20-million compensation for having unduly processed his extradition from the United States

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  • Isabel Saint Malo
  • Panama is considering economic sanctions against Venezuela

    Yelly Bernal

    Statements and sanctions come and go between Panama and Venezuela. Since the Central American country published the list of 55 officials and 16 Venezuelan companies on March 29, for considering them as "high risk in money laundering, financing of terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction"