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  • WYD leaves unique moments in the streets of Panama

    Alvaro Goncalves

    Panama dresses up with joy with the most important Catholic event that it has had at least, in the last 36 years, when the last papal visit to its territory was registered. Precisely the Pope is the protagonist this time, with his arrived to the WYD in which he has also been the main focus of different important moments

2019/01/25 14:36:57
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2019/01/23 17:01:16
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  • 150 thousand people attended the WYD Opening Ceremony in Panama


    The Opening Ceremony of the World Youth Day Panama 2019, in the Santa Maria Field La Antigua (Cinta Costera) gathered nearly 150 thousand people of which 75 thousand are registered as volunteers, pilgrims, priests, and bishops of more than 156 countries, informed the Coordinator of the Joint Interagency Task Force, Domingo Espitia

2019/01/23 14:42:54