• 2019/02/09 15:01:43

    There are 12,730 deportees from the Northern Triangle from the US and Mexico in January



    The nationals of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador deported by the US and Mexico last January totaled 12,730, according to official data from those countries that make up the Central American North Triangle, an area plagued of violence and poverty that has been living for several months the phenomenon of migrant caravans that head north of the continent

  • 2019/02/05 19:05:39

    Latino victim of human trafficking asks Trump "greater understanding of migration"



    A Latin victim of human trafficking who will attend today's State of the Union speech by President Donald Trump proclaimed a "greater understanding towards immigrants" who come to the country in search of a better future.

  • 2018/11/16 17:12:29

    And the winners of the Latin Grammys 2018 are ...

    Las Vegas received a large number of Spanish-speaking stars for this great night that began with the special Latin Music Awards, where the group Maná was recognized as "Person of the Year" with a night full of surprises and singing performances and artists such as Pablo Alborán, with Ozuna, Bad Bunny, MonLaferte, Victor Manuelle, a parade of talent and years of experience with the salsero putting the most nostalgic note of the event, when he dedicated his award to his deceased father.

    Alvaro Goncalves

    The 19th edition of the Latin Grammy Music Awards held on Thursday night did not fail the expectations of the entertainment world, with a great display of lights, the show in which Ozuna put the urban keynote from the beginning with the stage ready outside the MGM Arena, to start the show opening with the song "Esto es Rico" by Marc Anthony, Will Smith and Bad Bunny

  • 2018/11/07 09:05:10

    Tyler Perry: "The community will support you and give you power"

    Tyler Perry


    The only way for Hollywood to make room for Latinos is to "stop asking for a space at the table" and make their own projects, anchored in the realities and mood of their community, Tyler Perry, director of blockbuster films about the African-American community, assured EFE

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  • Erika Ender
  • Erika Ender wants to stand up for Latin women in music industry


    Panamanian singer-songwriter Erika Ender, co-author of the smash hit "Despacito" along with Puerto Ricans Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, does not want to be the exception but rather to stand up for other Latina women to develop their talent as well as men in music industry