• 2019/02/13 19:39:49

    The judges for Martinelli’s case are defined

    Caso Martinelli


    The three judges who will judge former Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli in the case of alleged wiretapping were defined by the Judiciary, for the oral trial next March 12

  • 2019/01/21 19:44:46

    Martinelli and Varela wait for Panamanian justice

    Varela y Martinelli

    Alvaro Goncalves

    With the elections every day closer, the political landscape in Panama does not forget Ricardo Martinelli’s case, with six appeals filed against decisions taken by Jerónimo Mejía (former judge of guarantees) and a pending trial set on March 9 at 9 am at the SPA.

  • 2018/12/27 19:55:56

    Martinelli closes the year with complains of Human Rights Violations

    Martinelli closes the year with controversies in Human Rights

    Alvaro Goncalves

    The year 2018 will be, unforgettable for Ricardo Martinelli, who beyond the verdict in process, has claimed to be a victim of many human rights violations and a personal persecution from the former president.

  • 2018/12/08 15:42:21

    Martinelli Linares brothers are no longer on the ICE detainee list



    Ricardo Alberto and Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares, sons of former Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli, no longer appear on the list of detainees by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE)

2018/12/07 18:54:41
  • The defense of the former president, who governed Panama between 2009 and 2014, filed a writ of amparo against the decision of June 25 of the magistrate to maintain the case for illegal wiretapping in the sphere of the highest court.
  • Panamanian Supreme loses jurisdiction to judge Martinelli for wiretapping


    The Supreme Court of Panama declared itself with no jurisdiction today to try former President Ricardo Martinelli for illegal wiretapping and embezzlement and transferred it to an ordinary court, although he maintained the call to trial issued by a magistrate of the highest court who acted as a magistrate

2018/12/05 20:52:51
  • Martinelli and Varela will be called to testify in Italy
  • Martinelli and Varela will be called to testify in Italy

    Alvaro Goncalves

    After the opening of an investigation against former President Ricardo Martinelli, a new trial is appearing on the politician's horizon for an alleged bribe in the purchase of modular prisons, including names such as José Raúl Mulino, Roxana Méndez, Adolfo "Chichi" de Obarrio, Alejandro Garúz and Juan Carlos Varela, current president of Panama and former vice president of the accused, as well as foreign minister at that time

2018/11/29 17:27:23
  • In a press release issued by the Supreme Court, it was possible to know, verbatim, that "file 1067-18 could not be considered, under the presentation by Judge Oydén Ortega Durán, since some amendments were presented to the bill, which must be reviewed by the rest of the magistrates"
  • Decision to appeal for Martinelli's writ of amparo is postponed

    Alvaro Goncalves

    Various media have echoed the news with the same point: Fire test! For the magistrates of the Supreme Court it is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the autonomy with which they work and to erase popular thinking with respect to its connection with Varela, which they state is a direct bridge to the president's demands

2018/11/27 18:29:56
  • Martinelli
  • Chronology of the Martinelli’s wiretapping case


    The judge of the case, Jerónimo Mejía, announced today that the process, which began in June 2015 with the admission of the case in the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ), would go to trial, which will tentatively begin on December 11

2018/11/26 12:35:47
  • Martinelli
  • The Martinelli hearing resumed today


    The hearing was resumed today where Judge Mejía had to make a decision about the evidence of the parties in the case against former President of Panama Ricardo Martinelli and he announced that will make a decision on December 11. Ricardo Martinelli handed several handwritten letters saying that he is innocent and this is a political persection, he accuses Mejía of following the orders of Varela.

2018/11/21 18:59:20
2018/11/14 14:24:36
  • Martinelli's case presents a major shift
  • Martinelli's case presents a major shift

    Alvaro Goncalves

    Former Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli has faced many obstacles in his judicial process: clinical pictures, scandals, legal barriers and many issues that boast a personal quarrel by President Juan Carlos Varela, there is a new shift chapter to this process

2018/11/09 14:11:38
  • Ricardo Martinelli
  • Allegations of Political Persecution are confirmed in "Martinelli's Case"

    Alvaro Goncalves

    The current state of health of Ricardo Martinelli remains an enigma after recently, in a 24-hour period, he was admitted to an emergency hospital in the coronary area for very serious symptoms is rising eyebrows after Fifer judicial case and health condition was revised and taking in consideration and Martinelli's remains on hold.

2018/11/07 15:25:43
  • With 66 years of age and different health episodes to his credit since he was imprisoned, the former president has been subject to different movements, accusations and even, nominations at the popular level
  • Panamanians join in night vigil for Martinelli's health

    Alvaro Goncalves

    Last Tuesday night, a group of Panamanians gathered in Parque Porras in a vigil for the health of former President Ricardo Martinelli, who after his episode in El Renacer prison, was treated in a hospital and then transferred back to the penitentiary in less than 24 hours

2018/11/06 13:31:00
  • Between Monday and Tuesday, Camacho said that Martinelli was "under observation because their concern that he had a stroke because he had difficulty speaking, and he is being observed because of the coronary issue."
  • Martinelli is back in prison without knowing his health condition

    Alvaro Goncalves

    After being admitted on Monday to the Santo Tomás Hospital in Panama city , the former president Ricardo Martinelli was returned to his cell in El Renacer prison, after being taken out of the hospital through the back door, said the spokesman of the former president and former Minister of Communication of his Government, Luis Eduardo Camacho to EFE