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  • Néstor Popolizo
  • Peru joins the pressures against Venezuela

    Alvaro Goncalves

    On the occasion of the visit of Mike Pompeo to Brazil for the inauguration of Jair Bolsonaro, the US diplomatic chief met with different representatives of the governments of South America, including Peru's chancellor, Néstor Popolizo, with whom in between so many points discussed, he coincided in the need to increase the pressure on Nicolás Maduro and the entire Venezuelan cabinet

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2018/10/29 13:22:58
  • Varela y pompeo
  • Varela brags about sovereignty under pressure from Pompeo on China

    Alvaro Goncalves

    The conflict between United States and China relations created some arguments between Panamanian president Varela, who clearly stated that "We are a neutral, sovereign, dignified country," and stressed that the problems and tension between the Asian country and the United States must be resolved through dialogue, not generating more problems.

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  • Juan Carlos Varela
  • Varela receives the US Secretary of State to strengthen cooperation


    The president of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela,  receives today US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, to reaffirm the strong ties that unite these two nations, with a broad and robust agenda focused on security, trade, educational exchange and cultural, among others.

2018/10/17 12:57:18