• 2019/01/31 20:35:28

    Panamanian Professional Soccer Closing Tournament will start without grief or glory

    Trneo Clausura


    The Closing Tournament 2019 of the Panamanian Football League (LPF) will start tomorrow, Friday, without grief or glory, with five games scheduled and two of them closed on penalties to the clubs

  • 2019/01/17 14:23:23

    Camilo Amado denounces Pandeportes and calls for elections in May

    Camilo Amado

    Alvaro Goncalves

    La Prensa's newspaper journalist, Mary Triny Zea, shared new information about the Pandeportes network of corruption, with new evidence of the Panamanian Basketball Federation (Fepaba), that presumably received supplies and resources that never arrived, or at least not all of them

  • 2019/01/16 21:15:56

    Social media explode with the Pandeportes scandal

    Social networks explode with Pandeportes scandal


    The Pandeportes scandal is exploding in social networks, after the investigations revealed in the newspaper La Prensa, every day more names appear involved and with information that slowly comes to light before the complaints of each coach, sportsman and Panamanian politicians, as is the case of Guillermo Cochez, who through his twitter account denounced a new name to add to the list of this scandal

  • 2019/01/15 16:11:13

    Pandeportes Scandal: Fepaba diverted funds for sports league linked to deputy Beby Valderrama



    A new corruption chapter opens up about the Pandeportes Scandal, knowing that the Panamanian Basketball Federation (Fepaba) has received a large amount of Money by the sports regulatory institute, but the sport goods, materials, food or human personnel that were paid for are not there. There were more than US$ 5 million managed with the "help" of Adolfo"Beby" Valderrama, an official deputy who was in charge of a parallel league,that is also illegal, according to the investigation published by the newspaper La Prensa de Panamá.

2018/11/28 19:23:17
2018/11/28 18:43:25
  • Protest
  • Sports community raise their voices against corruption


    Sportsmen and citizens in general protested this Wednesday, November 28, in Panama City’s coastal strip, against the alleged diversion of public funds that affects the “Canalero” athletes. The athletes themselves denounced that they must cover their expenses to represent Panama abroad

2018/11/20 17:35:03
2018/11/15 16:53:50
  • Pandeportes
  • "Pandeporte Case " already exists in the Comptroller's Office

    Alvaro Goncalves

    After the complaints that have been generated in recent months about the irregular situation of the Panamanian Sports Institute (Pandeportes), on Wednesday it was informed through a prosecutor that the Panamanian Comptroller General, through a preliminary audit, identified a high sum of money that was handled irregularly between July 2014 and July 2018

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