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2018/10/24 12:31:24
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  • Parlamento Panama
  • Parliament approves increase for pensioners and retirees in Panama


    The Panamanian Parliament, with the support of all the legislative groups, approved today in the third and final debate the bill of Law 631 that establishes an increase of between 35 to 60 dollars for pensioners of the Social Security Fund (CSS), a from January 1, 2019

2018/10/17 13:19:26
2018/10/09 14:59:47
2018/10/09 13:52:59
  • Panamá
  • Panamanian Parliament suspends meat and milk for a year


    The Panamanian Parliament approved today in the third and final reading a bill to stabilize the agricultural sector, suspending all imports of meat and milk producers for a period of 12 months, reported the Legislative Body

2018/10/05 15:43:20
2018/09/28 15:07:40
  • Asamblea Panamá
  • Panama Parliament approves resources for prison programs


    The Panamanian Parliament reported today that it approved an additional credit of $ 212,595 requested by the Ministry of Government for the payment of expenses related to the execution of programs, projects and workshops that are being developed in Panama's prison system

2018/09/05 23:29:06