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  • Dia del Policia panama
  • Police Day: a high-risk trade


    This April 14 Panamanians celebrate the Police Day. At the headquarters of the security body, a series of events were held to mark its 81-year history

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  • Inseguridad
  • 82% of Panamanians feel that the country is insecure

    Marietta Puche

    The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Panama (CCIAP), presented the results of the 5th Survey of Victimization and Social Perception and the Citizen Security Index for 2017, which show that 82% of respondents said that the country is unsafe, while 33% justify the use of violence in specific cases such as self-defense, helping a relative and protecting property and assets, said EFE

2018/03/14 17:28:55
  • Protesta en Colón
  • Aftermath in Colón after riots

    The Panamanian Government condemned the riots that broke out in the protest staged in the city of Colón last Tuesday. A statement released by the Executive said: "We condemn the riots ... led by groups of criminals, supported by people with political interests and other organized crime that are against our administration"

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