• 2018/11/30 17:34:14

    Government Commission approves objections to the nation's draft budget

    Government Commission approves objections to the nation's draft budget

    Alvaro Goncalves

    Once the 219 draft budget of the nation was introduced, the government decided to partially veto it, considering that "it would violate the powers of control and control over public funds". However, the Parliament of Panama, through a commission in charge of the subject, recommended taking into account each of the objections presented in the matter

  • 2018/10/31 23:17:09

    What would you do as President?


    Oscar Sulbarán

    During the last months Panama Today has consulted the opinion of the country’s diverse public figures to know their impressions about the national reality, also on the eve of the 2019 General Elections it consulted its guests what actions should the new president do to fix the country's current situation.

  • 2018/10/05 15:43:20

    Panamanian Parliament returns to the Executive State's budget bill



    The Panamanian Parliament, of opposition majority, today decided to return to the Cabinet (council of ministers) the State's general budget bill as of 2019 amounting to 23,318 million dollars, for its reformulation, informed the Legislative Body

  • 2018/09/27 16:39:22

    Opposition considers Varela's UN speech as "petty" for ignoring Torrijos



    The opposition Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) considers as "petty" the speech that Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela delivered at the UN, since he ignored the role of former dictator Omar Torrijos in the recovery of the interoceanic canal, administered for years by the United States

2018/09/21 08:35:17
  • Metrolibre
  • Cartoons of the week


    The elections in the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), the victory of Laurentino "Nito" Cortizo and the controversy over his speech, the candidates of the Torrijista party that will seek reelection in 2019, the future of the Social Security Fund (CSS) and the relations of Panama towards The United States and China are part of the graphic opinions of the week of the cartoonists

2018/09/17 22:18:29
  • Elecciones Primarias
  • Reactions of the day after the PRD primaries


    Deputy and aspiring presidential candidate of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), Zulay Rodríguez, today recognized her defeat as well as the triumph of her opponent Laurentino "Nito" Cortizo in the primaries held on Sunday by the largest political party in Panama

2018/09/15 23:09:30
2018/09/15 21:00:51
2018/09/14 16:40:38
  • PRD
  • Campaign for PRD's primary in Panama ends


    On Thursday, September 13 at midnight marked the end of the proselytizing campaign period of the opposition Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) of Panama, the party with the largest number of adherents in the country, ahead of the primaries next Sunday to elect all the party's candidates for the general elections of May 2019

2018/09/10 09:38:54
  • Gerardo Solís
  • Gerardo Solís: "Panama has had a dark decade of corruption"

    Marta Caballero

    "I am not going to speak bad of the re-election, I believe citizens have the right to choose the authorities they want," said Gerardo Solis, presidential candidate for the primary election of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD)  in an exclusive interview with Panama Today

2018/09/04 15:59:29
2018/08/24 14:27:29
2018/08/24 09:53:14
  • Zulay Rodríguez
  • Zulay Rodríguez: The Supreme Court of Justice must be changed

    Marta Caballero

    Zulay Rodríguez, a deputy and pre-candidate for the Presidency of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), says that if she wins the elections in May 2019, the first thing that will change is the judges of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ)

2018/08/22 14:34:53