• 2019/02/06 10:39:20

    Panama warms up for the elections with a varied but bland offer



    Panama has rounded up its election offer this week for May 5, a proposal that some analysts consider bland and "without attractive", while for others it is varied and consists of "trained" politicians

  • 2019/02/01 20:02:01

    Cartoons of the week



    For the cartoons of this week, we leave you a compilation of few authors, but with a lot of sense, in a summary of what the Pope, Pandeportes and Venezuela have generated in the media so far this year

  • 2018/12/07 18:54:41

    Panamanian Supreme loses jurisdiction to judge Martinelli for wiretapping

    The defense of the former president, who governed Panama between 2009 and 2014, filed a writ of amparo against the decision of June 25 of the magistrate to maintain the case for illegal wiretapping in the sphere of the highest court.


    The Supreme Court of Panama declared itself with no jurisdiction today to try former President Ricardo Martinelli for illegal wiretapping and embezzlement and transferred it to an ordinary court, although he maintained the call to trial issued by a magistrate of the highest court who acted as a magistrate