Tocumen International Airport

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  • Tocumen
  • More passengers in 2017

    During 2017 the Tocumen International Airport, Panama’s main connectivity route, had an increase of 7.76% in passenger movement. According to the study published by the administration of the air port, in the period between January and June 2017 there were 7,546,313 people in transit in contrast to 7,002,852 in the same period of 2016

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  • Carlos Duboy  said this money was used to pay off debts that were the product of the primary election, where Juan Carlos Varela faced his fellow party member Alberto Vallarino to obtain the presidential candidacy for the 2009 elections
  • Tocumen Airport Manager admitted accepting bribes from Odebrecht

    Álvaro Pulido

    Among the companies related to receiving funds as a result of the bribes granted by the Odebrecht Company, between 2007 and 2009 Strategic Management Group Inc is registered, as established in a report prepared by the Public Ministry, which the local press published

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  • Tocumen Airport registers 80% advance
  • Tocumen Airport has finished 80% of its expansion

    Andrés Castellano

     Panama City Tocumen Airport expansion is finished in an 80%, a project that exceeds 800 million dollars and is expected to be operational next year to strengthen this terminal considered one of the most connective in the region, an official source said

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  • What is known about the light fault at Tocumen Airport?
  • Why the light failed at Tocumen Airport?

    Andrés Castellano

    Since the year 2016 Tocumen International Airport has suffered from severe failures (lightning, communications system, bird intrusion in airplanes) that makes it impossible to operate the important terminal of the isthmus

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