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  • Panama expects tourist arrivals for Panama black weekend


    Panama expects an increase in the arrival of visitors for the second edition of the "Panama Black Weekend", the day of commercial super discounts, up to 70 percent, which will take place next weekend week and that matches the 58th anniversary of the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP)

2018/08/13 15:14:50
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  • Panama may bring a group of Chinese tourists as of August 15


    After nine months of waiting, China authorized that as of August 15, a total of 64 Panamanian companies will be able to sell travel packages to groups of Chinese tourists, handled by 4,445 firms of the Asian giant, the Tourism Authority of Panama informed today. (ATP)

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  • Panamanians create new tourism app
  • Panamanians create new tourism app


    Ytzvan Mastino and Moises Muñoz, two young Panamanians have ventured into the world of entrepreneurship and created Triptable, an app that aims to innovate in the field of tourism in the country

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