• 2019/02/28 14:28:56

    Cohen draws a "racist" and "swindler" Trump before a divided Congress

    Michael Cohen


    Michael Cohen, former personal lawyer of the president Donald Trump today accused the president of being "racist", "swindler" and a "fraud", before a Congress divided between the republican attacks on the lawyer and the impetus of the Democrats to incriminate the tenant of the White House

  • 2019/02/26 10:41:23

    Group of Lima rejects military intervention, but the world keeps it tacit

    Grupo de Lima

    Alvaro Goncalves

    On Monday, the Group of Lima met around the Venezuelan situation, leaving as a result the demand (continuous and repeated) to the cessation of Nicolás Maduro's usurpation in the government of the South American country, as well as the call for free and transparent elections, seeking to reorder the nation's leadership and democracy

  • 2019/02/25 17:44:51

    USA warns Venezuela of new "measures" after "tragic" Saturday



    Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, warned on Sunday that the US will take "measures" against Venezuela after the "tragic" day on Saturday, while reminding that "all options are on the table", in reference to military intervention

  • 2019/02/24 17:06:13

    The US rejects Cuba's referendum as "another deceit" to "cover up tyranny"



    The White House national security adviser John Bolton called the constitutional referendum on Sunday in Cuba "another deceit" to "cover up the tyranny" of the Havana's "regime

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  • Deportados
  • There are 12,730 deportees from the Northern Triangle from the US and Mexico in January


    The nationals of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador deported by the US and Mexico last January totaled 12,730, according to official data from those countries that make up the Central American North Triangle, an area plagued of violence and poverty that has been living for several months the phenomenon of migrant caravans that head north of the continent

2019/02/09 14:29:47
  • pelosi
  • Nancy Pelosi recognizes Juan Guaidó as president of Venezuela

    Alvaro Goncalves

    After having assumed the responsibilities of interim president in Venezuela, Juan Guaidó has gone from stage to stage presenting the "Country Plan" in which he shows the actions to be taken until Nicolás Maduro abandons completely the Executive that he keeps kidnapped, according to words of Guaidó

2019/02/09 14:00:33
  • Trump
  • Trump achieves an atmosphere of peace in the United States after State of Union speech

    Alvaro Goncalves

    After Donald Trump's State of Union speech on Tuesday, the atmosphere in the United States seems to have taken on a climate of peace in which Democrats and Republicans are going through the same route, according to the freedom for Venezuela from "the dictatorship of Maduro" and above all, despite criticism of the president, employment, economy and social security rates have not stopped increasing in the American nation