2019/02/09 14:29:47
  • pelosi
  • Nancy Pelosi recognizes Juan Guaidó as president of Venezuela

    Alvaro Goncalves

    After having assumed the responsibilities of interim president in Venezuela, Juan Guaidó has gone from stage to stage presenting the "Country Plan" in which he shows the actions to be taken until Nicolás Maduro abandons completely the Executive that he keeps kidnapped, according to words of Guaidó

2019/02/09 14:00:33
  • Trump
  • Trump achieves an atmosphere of peace in the United States after State of Union speech

    Alvaro Goncalves

    After Donald Trump's State of Union speech on Tuesday, the atmosphere in the United States seems to have taken on a climate of peace in which Democrats and Republicans are going through the same route, according to the freedom for Venezuela from "the dictatorship of Maduro" and above all, despite criticism of the president, employment, economy and social security rates have not stopped increasing in the American nation

2019/02/06 14:51:27
2019/02/06 11:00:44
  • Pompeo y Saint Malo
  • Vice President of Panama met with Pompeo and Secretary of the Treasury


    The vice president of Panama, Isabel de Saint Malo, met with the Secretaries of State and Treasury, Mike Pompeo and Steven Mnuchin, in Washington, to discuss issues related to the financing of terrorist groups and money laundering in the country, as well as corruption in Venezuela

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  • John Bolton
  • US toughens stance on Venezuela, Maduro losing support at home


    US National Security Adviser John Bolton warned in a tweet on Sunday that the White House would provide a "significant response" if any violence is perpetrated against US diplomats amid the chaos in Venezuela or opposition-controlled National Assembly president - and now self-proclaimed interim president of the South American country - Juan Guaido

2019/01/25 14:57:33