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  • 2019/02/28 14:28:56

    Cohen draws a "racist" and "swindler" Trump before a divided Congress

    Michael Cohen


    Michael Cohen, former personal lawyer of the president Donald Trump today accused the president of being "racist", "swindler" and a "fraud", before a Congress divided between the republican attacks on the lawyer and the impetus of the Democrats to incriminate the tenant of the White House

  • 2019/01/20 22:09:17

    Trump turns into 2 years as president without any shutdown agreement



    President Donald Trump fulfilled today two years at the head of the country in the middle of a closure of the Administration, which has no solution, and with harsh criticism of the Democrats for not accepting their plan to finance a wall on the border with Mexico

  • 2019/01/19 13:06:50

    Cohen said Trump asked him to lie before Congress


    Alvaro Goncalves

    The Russian story in the United States has taken on a new tone when it was announced on Friday that Donald Trump instructed his former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, to lie to Congress about the project of the president to place a Trump Tower in Moscow, the news website BuzzFeed reported, a revelation that alarmed several Democratic lawmakers

  • 2019/01/03 22:12:14

    Shutdown, 116 years of Congress and the Senate hold the attention in US

    Shutdown, 116 years of the Congress and the start of the Senate hold the attention in the United States

    Alvaro Goncalves

    This Thursday marked a milestone in the legislative field of the United States, at the moment in which the Democrat Nancy Pelosi became the new president of the House of Representatives, a position that she held between 2007 and 2011 and that she recovers for her party after the intermediate elections

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  • Democratic leaders: Trump is plunging the country into chaos
  • Democratic leaders: Trump is plunging the country into chaos


    Democratic congressional leaders said Monday that President Donald Trump is "plunging the country into chaos" with his recent attacks on the Federal Reserve and engineering a partial government shutdown, which has left 25 percent of US government agencies without operating funds

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  • White House restores Jim Acosta’s press pass
  • White House restores Jim Acosta’s press pass

    Alvaro Goncalves

    After CNN's complaints against the White House for violating the Fifth and First Amendment of the Constitution (freedom of speech and due process), last Friday CNN reporter Jim Acosta's credential was returned, after the incident where American President Donald Trump decided to suspend the journalist’s press pass while questioning the president on migration in an electoral act

2018/11/08 13:12:16