Zulay Rodríguez

  • 2018/10/31 23:17:09

    What would you do as President?


    Oscar Sulbarán

    During the last months Panama Today has consulted the opinion of the country’s diverse public figures to know their impressions about the national reality, also on the eve of the 2019 General Elections it consulted its guests what actions should the new president do to fix the country's current situation.

  • 2018/09/15 23:09:30

    The Democratic Revolutionary Party elects its candidates for the 2019 General Elections

    Comisión Nacional de Elecciones PRD


    This Sunday the primary elections of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), the largest group of adherents in Panama, with a total of 566,604 people, are held

  • 2018/09/14 16:40:38

    Campaign for PRD's primary in Panama ends



    On Thursday, September 13 at midnight marked the end of the proselytizing campaign period of the opposition Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) of Panama, the party with the largest number of adherents in the country, ahead of the primaries next Sunday to elect all the party's candidates for the general elections of May 2019

  • 2018/09/04 15:59:29

    Panamanian elites want a "manageable" social democracy, says candidate

    Zulay Rodríguez


    The Panamanian elites want a "manageable" person as presidential candidate for the elections of May 2019 of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) to help their interests remain "intact," said today deputy Zulay Rodríguez, who will compete in the primary of the party

2018/08/31 15:38:43
2018/08/24 09:53:14
  • Zulay Rodríguez
  • Zulay Rodríguez: The Supreme Court of Justice must be changed

    Marta Caballero

    Zulay Rodríguez, a deputy and pre-candidate for the Presidency of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), says that if she wins the elections in May 2019, the first thing that will change is the judges of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ)

2018/08/22 14:34:53
2018/07/20 13:15:35
  • Zulay Rodríguez
  • Zulay Rodríguez: We are going back to the past


    The deputy of the National Assembly (AN) for the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), Zulay Rodríguez, spoke with Panama Today about current political events as well as her aspirations to the presidential chair

2018/07/18 12:59:02
2018/07/12 16:25:23
2018/03/12 16:14:39
  • Zulay Rodríguez
  • V PRD Congress:Zulay Rodríguez: "I'll keep telling the truth"


    Last Sunday, March 11, the V National Extraordinary Congress of the PRD party was held in Panama city, where there were changes to the statutes for the electoral reforms, after voting 2.700 delegates present during the congress. During the event, Zulay Rodríguez, one of the party congresswoman denounced against the political government

2017/12/21 01:17:23
  • José Luis Varela and Zulay Rodríguez
  • Partisan dispute over magistrates

    Zulay Rodríguez accused the deputy and president of the “Panameñista” party, José Luis “Popi” Varela of trying to impose the nominations of the judges appointed by the Government within the AN. “Popi” Varela responded by accusing those who have exercised opposition to the nominations made by the Cabinet Council of being manipulators

2017/11/24 22:35:47
  • Deputy of the National Assembly, Zulay Rodríguez
  • Zulay Rodríguez: “Odebrecht case has been a mockery”

    In the opinion of the leader of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), the Procurator has not acted promptly, “She has only ordered a tenth part to be able to implicate those she considers are the adversaries or political enemies of President Juan Carlos Varela

2017/11/09 15:55:53