Hilde Sucre: politicians will not change

Submitted by osulbaran on Thu, 12/06/2018 - 12:13

Panama Today went to Aguadulce, in the province of Coclé, 140 km from Panama City, to interview cartoonist Hilde Sucre and learn a little more about what he portrays through his art, through his graphic opinion. He acknowledges that his job is a risk because it directly confronts the powerful class, "we mess with presidents, deputies, mayors. These people are not used to criticism or mockery. They get angry, of course they get angry. There have been cartoons that have led to complaints to the newspaper; the truth is that several officials and politicians have complained. I've been threatened on twitter several times, but those are things about work. If a cartoon is not controversial then it did not work, it did not have its purpose. I like it when they get angry."

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