With suffering pilgrims demonstrate their faith

Submitted by Acastellano on Sun, 10/22/2017 - 11:16

Thousands of pilgrims visited the Nazarene of Portobelo in his day. Before the hours of the procession that was realized in hours of the night of 21 of October multiplied the arrival of those who demonstrated their faith to the Black Christ dragged the last meters before arriving at the church of San Felipe. César Bonilla was one of the devotees who walked more than 40 kilometers to reach the place of the religious celebration "we are a group of boys that we have almost 20 years  coming here every year. I come for the favors he has given me and he has never failed me. "Walking on his knees on the asphalt and with hot sun may seem like a feat for Bonilla "it's a matter of faith, my knees are swollen but it's a matter of faith. He (The Nazarene) always fulfills us."