• 2018/01/17 22:48:17

    Panama International Airport strengthens electrical system

    Tocumen International Airport, one of the busiest in Latin America, increases the electric capacity


    Tocumen International Airport, one of the busiest in Latin America, increases the electric capacity to guarantee the operation of the service at the main Panama airport with an investment of more than $ 37 million

  • 2018/01/17 22:04:28

    No access to Blue Apple case files for the accused

    Marlen Guerra

    Oscar Sulbarán

    Lawyer Marlen Guerra, who acts as a defense for former Minister Jaime Ford, one of the 33 defendants in the Blue Apple case, reported that she does not have access to the file

  • 2018/01/17 21:55:13

    Irregular handling of Financial Pacific case files detected

    Procuraduría General de la Nación

    Oscar Sulbarán

    Documents related to the investigations of the Financial Pacific case were found by a citizen who traveled in his vehicle from Panama West to Panama City. The Attorney General’s Office initiated the investigations for the crime against the Public Administration because the files that should be safeguarded were outside the competent court

  • 2018/01/17 13:50:05

    Electoral Court will take actions against violations on digital platforms

    Tribunal Electoral


    The Panamanian Electoral Court, through Decree 3 dated January 15, 2018, announced the creation of the Digital Media Unit, attached to the Communications Department, to detect any violation of the election silence on social networks

2018/01/17 13:17:39
2018/01/16 22:30:02
  • Credentials Committee
  • Stage of citizen consultation is concluded

    Oscar Sulbarán

    The president of the Credentials Committee of the National Assembly, Luis Eduardo Quirós, announced the end of the stage of citizen consultations within the process of selecting new magistrates for the Supreme Court of Justice

2018/01/16 22:04:08
  • Rodrigo García
  • 16 trafficking networks dismantled in Panama


    Rodrigo García, executive secretary of the National Commission against Human Trafficking of Panama’s Ministry of Public Security, reported that since 2014 to the present date, 16 networks dedicated to this crime have been dismantled

2018/01/16 21:51:10
2018/01/16 20:46:13
  • The Nation’s Procurator General, Kenia Porcell
  • 33 people linked to the Blue Apple Services case


    The Nation’s Procurator General, Kenia Porcell, revealed the latest details of the investigation that her office has been carrying out since September 11, 2017 and that seeks to determine responsibilities for the laundering of 40 million of dollars in the unjawful payment to public officials through corporations

2018/01/15 22:47:07
  • The statements of the president were held at the Roberto Durán Arena
  • High bonuses to officials is being reviewed


    Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela spoke on the subject of bonuses to public officials. He said that it is an issue that corresponds to both the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), Ministry of Labor (Mitradel) and the Comptroller

2018/01/15 21:57:08
2018/01/14 21:17:38
  • Desfile de las Mil Polleras 2018
  • Panama dressed for polleras

    Oscar Sulbarán

    More than 100 delegations and more than 40 parade floats toured the streets of Las Tablas, in the province of Los Santos. It is estimated that 17,000 women dressing the typical Panamanian costume decorated the eighth edition of the Parade of the Mil Polleras

2018/01/14 20:55:44
  • Contraloría General de la República
  • Comptrollers’ Office questions high bonuses for officials

    Oscar Sulbarán

    Comptroller General Federico Humbert questioned the amounts granted to some public officials as a bonus. "Why is the director of the Maritime Authority going to receive a bonus of $7,000? when neither in the private sector this type of bonus is granted, we cannot allow it. This is a poor country"

2018/01/13 17:15:29
  • Political parties
  • 2019 Elections are fine tuned

    Oscar Sulbarán

    Last Thursday, the first meeting of the National Council of Parties was held. The session presided over by the plenary session of the Electoral Court (EC) and formed by the legally constituted political parties addressed both the rules and the calendar to hold the General Elections in May 2019