• 2018/05/24 20:44:13

    Martinelli case in the hands of the US Department of State


    Yelly Bernal

    Through a handwritten message, former Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli informed that he desists from continuing with the legal process he faces before the US justice system and leaves the decision of his case for the consideration of the Department of State

  • 2018/05/24 13:25:54

    Panamanian Prosecutor appeals bail of Francolini release

    Ricardo Francolini


    The Panamanian prosecutor's office today appealed the release upon bail granted by a court in favor of Ricardo Francolini, former director of the State Security Fund bank (CSS), accused of alleged money laundering through bank accounts at the defunct stock house Financial Pacific (FP), an official source said

  • 2018/05/24 09:01:43

    $100 thousand for official trip to Russia that concurs with the World Cup

    Varela durante exhibición de la Copa del Mundo

    Yelly Bernal

    The month of June is upon us and with it the final preparations for the maximum sporting event, the 2018 FIFA World Cup to be held in Russia. Locals and foreigners, lovers of this sports discipline, are preparing their passports to attend

  • 2018/05/23 13:29:37

    Only three out of ten Panamanian provinces qualify to vote in the elections



    Three out of the 10 provinces of Panama, including the capital provinces, qualified to vote in the general elections of May 2019, according to the Electoral Court (TE).Only 60.83 percent of the citizens.

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2018/05/22 22:44:48
  • Guillermo Cochez
  • Cochez urges sanction against Varela for contempt of law of transparency


    Lawyer and former Panamanian Ambassador Guillermo Cochez filed today before the Supreme Court of Justice a writ of habeas data against Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela and urged that he be fined for not providing information on "almost 500 million dollars" recovered from cases of corruption

2018/05/22 22:37:31
  • Feeley
  • John Feeley speaks and triggers reactions in Panama

    Yelly Bernal

    A groundswell popped up concerning the case of former President of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli, after statements released in a media of his country by the former ambassador of the United States, John Feeley

2018/05/22 22:30:33
  • MP
  • Prosecutor’s Office charges 10 more people for Lava Jato case


    The Panamanian Prosecutor's Office reported that it carried out new raids and charged with money laundering ten more people in the investigation to determine the links between the Mossack Fonseca law firm, epicenter of the Panama Papers, and the Brazilian corruption plot Lava Jato

2018/05/22 12:15:55
  • Atentado de Hezbolá
  • Panama will reopen 1994 case on Hezbollah attack


    The Panamanian president, Juan Carlos Varela, said today that he will request to reopen the investigation into an attack carried out in July 1994 against an airplane, in which its 21 passengers died, the vast majority of them Jews, after receiving new evidence from Israel that point to Hezbollah

2018/05/22 11:20:22
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2018/05/21 22:53:09
  • Riccardo Francolini
  • Francolini's detention was seen as a political retaliation

    Yelly Bernal

    Through information from Panamanian Attorney General, it was learned that the businessman Ricardo Francolini was confined since the Public Prosecutor's Office considers that there are compelling reasons for the case in which he is being investigated