• 2018/03/21 22:05:30

    Panamá and Costa Rica meet to address new immigration wave



    After holding a bilateral meeting for more than two hours, the presidents of Costa Rica, Luis Guillermo Solís, and of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela, addressed several issues in the region. Security, trade, tourism, customs, infrastructure and immigration were part of the agenda they intend to set a joint policy beyond their corresponding government terms

  • 2018/03/21 16:16:02

    Panama Airport wins regional award for its passenger service

    Aeropuerto de Tocumen


    The Tocumen airport, the main airport in Panama and an important regional hub, reported today that it was voted the best in Central America and the Caribbean at the 2018 World Airport Awards

  • 2018/03/21 12:28:35

    Tariff dispute between Panama and Colombia continues

    Autoridad Nacional de Aduanas


    A new hearing, before the World Trade Organization (WTO), was held in the city of Geneva on the tariff dispute between Panama and Colombia on clothing and footwear imports that are re-exported from the Colon Free Zone (ZLC)

  • 2018/03/20 20:14:26

    Presidents of Panama and Costa Rica meet



    This Wednesday will be the visit of the Panamanian President, Juan Carlos Varela, to his counterpart from Costa Rica, Luis Guillermo Solís. The bilateral meeting will be in the city of San José

2018/03/20 15:27:16
  • Inseguridad
  • 82% of Panamanians feel that the country is insecure

    Marietta Puche

    The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Panama (CCIAP), presented the results of the 5th Survey of Victimization and Social Perception and the Citizen Security Index for 2017, which show that 82% of respondents said that the country is unsafe, while 33% justify the use of violence in specific cases such as self-defense, helping a relative and protecting property and assets, said EFE

2018/03/20 11:22:21
  • Alcaldia Colon
  • Negotiating table between Colón commitee and government


    Representatives of the Government and leaders of the Committee to fight for the Salvation of Colón met at the Episcopal residence of the Bishop of the Diocese of Colón, Kuna Yala. After the meeting the general strike and the teachers’ strike were lifted. The installation of thematic tables is planned to discuss each of the problems that the colonial leaders have raised

2018/03/19 15:28:58
  • Romulo Roux
  • Roux from CD questions "conflicts" between State Bodies

    Marietta Puche

    The president of the governing board of Cambio Democrático Party, Rómulo Roux, set a position on Monday on the political situation in Panama, and said that "the Constitution is currently being trampled on by conflicts between government bodies"

2018/03/18 11:02:40
2018/03/18 10:31:52
  • Mar Cabra
  • What happened to Pamana Papers?

    Yelly Bernal

    Since the scandal involving Mossack Fonseca law firm broke in Panama, after the publication of the worldwide investigation known as "The Panama Papers" to date, there are many evident actions and repercussions

2018/03/17 17:15:34
  • Confrontacion politica
  • Lawyers and businessmen show concern about political confrontation


    This Friday the president of the National Assembly, Yanibel Abrego, met with the representatives of the National Bar Association (CNA) in an effort to mediate between the members of the State Bodies to reduce the political confrontation generated in the country

2018/03/17 09:57:44
  • Contraloría
  • Audits case goes to the Supreme Court of Justice


    The comptroller of the Republic, Federico Humbert, said he has no fear of legal appeals filed by eight deputies of the National Assembly (AN) against audits. “The Comptrollership has acted in the audits with serious depth, very well structured legally. Control is not an option, it is an obligation"

2018/03/16 19:39:10
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2018/03/16 15:05:45