5 Reasons Why Panama Is Evacuating Gardi Sugdub Island

Gardi Sugdub Island, an important site for the Guna Indigenous community, is facing a significant challenge, which pushes towards their relovation. This small island has been home to the Guna people for generations, but the encroaching waters now threaten their way of life. Let us see the main reasons why their evacuation is necessary at … Read more

Public transportation: From “Red Devil” to “Bootleg”

Buses in Panama City

PANAMA CITY.- The Latin University of Panama recently hosted another intense discussion on the state of the public transportation system in the nation. The debate was led by union leaders Tomasito López and Rafael Reyes, ATTT legal consultant Ulysses Calvo, Metro Bus Chief Alfonso Penedo, and transportation specialist attorney Víctor Martínez. The conversation started with … Read more