• 2018/06/24 16:25:01

    Businesspeople urge more legal security to attract investments to Panama

    Gabriel Barletta, presidente de la CCIAP


    The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Panama (CCIAP) said that the lack of seriousness in the public bidding process frightens investors and urged that legal security be guaranteed in the country

  • 2018/06/24 16:14:54

    At the beginning of campaign

    Elecciones CD

    José Raúl Mulino (OPINIÓN)

    On Tuesday, May 26, we began the race for the presidential nomination of our Cambio Democrático party. 45 days of work in front of the bases that must be openly and democratically decided by the standard-bearer CD for the May 2019 election

  • 2018/06/24 15:47:27

    The economic activity of Panama grows by 3.77% in the first four months of 2018



    The monthly economic activity index (IMAE) of Panama grew by 3.77 % between last January and April, compared to the same period in 2017, one of the lowest results in recent years according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Census (Inec) released

  • 2018/06/24 15:27:31

    Supreme Court of Panama will hold indictment hearing against Martinelli for wiretapping

    Organo Judicial


    The Supreme Court of Panama held on Monday the indictment hearing against Ricardo Martinelli for the case of illegal wiretapping during his term (2009-2014), amid claims by the defense that alleges that the court lost jurisdiction after the resignation of the former president as deputy

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  • migracion panama
  • Panama will conduct new procedures for migrants with canceled visas


    The National Immigration Service will carry out the procedure "from scratch" to those foreigners who were notified about the cancellation of their provisional residence permits after detecting that fraudulent documentation was provided in their application, an official source told EFE

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  • Selección en Rusia
  • Cartoons of the week


    The arrival of Panama to the 2018 World Cup of Russia has been an emotion that has mobilized an entire country to support its team and this is what Lowis Rodríguez expresses through his cartoon

2018/06/22 08:33:30
  • La City con la Sele
  • Events of the week


    The football World Cup continues for Panama and in the Isthmian capital fans can follow their team on a giant screen. The appointment will be from Sunday, June 24 at 4 am at the Rommel Fernández stadium while on June 28, the game can be watched at the Plaza 5 de Mayo and Urracá Park

2018/06/21 18:31:30
  • Ricardo Martinelli
  • Martinelli resigns as deputy to the Central American Parliament


    The spokesman of former President Ricardo Martinelli, Luis Eduardo Camacho, tweeted the resignation of the former president as a deputy of the Central American Parliament (Parlacen). This thursday, the resignation of the position would have been notified to the regional legislative body

2018/06/21 17:41:52
  • Baloncesto
  • Panama is trying to reach the Basketball World Cup


    The Panamanian major basketball team completed today its last training in the Central American country and is ready to travel tomorrow to Argentina, where it will face the Albicelestes next June 28 at the start of the third window of the qualifiers for the World Cup China 2019