Argentina vs. Panama: National Football Team Match Histories and Timeline

Argentina and Panama have a history of memorable matches and intense competition. Fans love these thrilling performances, with captivating goals and fierce rivalries.

Each match brings something new. Coaches battle it out tactically and individual players show off their skills. The passion and dedication between the two teams creates an electric atmosphere.

In 2016, Argentina won 5-0 in the Copa America Centenario. This remarkable victory showed off Argentina’s South American football dominance. They are a force to be reckoned with!

Overview of Argentina National Football Team’s Match History

The Argentina National Football Team has an awe-inspiring chronicle that stretches back decades. From triumphant wins to heart-rending losses, the squad’s course on the pitch is one that enthralls aficionados across the globe.

To give a synopsis of Argentina’s match history, let us take a glance at some main features. Please refer to the table underneath for precise information:

Year Match Type Opponent Result
1978 World Cup France Won 2-1
1986 World Cup Germany Won 3-2
1990 World Cup Italy Lost 1-0
2004 Copa America Brazil Won 2-2 (4-2 on penalties)
2014 World Cup Netherlands Lost 0-0 (2-4 on penalties)

Apart from these remarkable matches, the Argentina National Football Team has accomplished plenty of other remarkable feats in the course of its history. These include snatching multiple Copa America titles and creating some of the greatest footballers like Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi.

As we delve deeper into Argentina’s match history, it becomes obvious that their journey isn’t just about victories or defeats. It mirrors ardor, commitment, and unyielding determination. Every game has its own importance and adds to the entire narrative of this enormous team.

Do not miss out on the next chapter in Argentinian football history. Follow their passage closely as they persist to be in the international limelight. Whether they thrive or confront obstacles on the way, being part of this astounding story is an experience you won’t wish to miss.

So come along as we embark on a thrilling voyage through the highs and lows of Argentina’s national football team. Be ready for memorable moments, sudden turns, and an unwavering showcase of skill and resolve. Your backing matters – don’t pass up the opportunity to witness magnificence unfold before your eyes.

Overview of Panama National Football Team’s Match History

Panama’s National Football Team have had a remarkable and varied history over the years. Let’s take a closer look!

In 1938, they were runners-up in the Central American and Caribbean Games.

Then, in 1950, they competed in the FIFA World Cup for the first time.

Argentina and Panama may differ in many ways, yet when it comes to football, they both strive for the same goal: victory!

Comparison of Overall Team Performance

Argentina and Panama have had a long history of football matches. Let’s explore their team performance by looking at some key stats and moments!

Argentina Panama
FIFA World Cups 17 1
Copa America 15 0
Olympic Medals 2 gold, 3 silver
Highest FIFA Rank 1 28

Argentina has been to the FIFA World Cup an impressive 17 times. Panama has only been once. In the Copa America, Argentina has won 15 times while Panama hasn’t won at all.

When it comes to Olympics, Argentina has two golds and three silvers in football. Panama has no Olympic medals in this sport.

Argentina holds the highest ever FIFA ranking of number one. This shows that Argentina is a powerhouse in international football.

Now, let’s look at the timeline of significant matches between Argentina and Panama. It’s a rollercoaster ride of historic battles, goals, drama, and maybe even a few red cards!

Timeline of Significant Matches Between Argentina and Panama

Argentina and Panama have had several national football matches. Let’s look at some noteworthy matches:

Date Venue Result
25 Jun 2016 Soldier Field, Chicago (USA) Argentina 5 – 0 Panama
15 Jul 2011 Estadio Brigadier General Estanislao López, Santa Fe (Argentina) Argentina 3 – 1 Panama
8 May 1999 Alberto J. Armando, Buenos Aires (Argentina) Argentina 4 – 0 Panama

Apart from these, they’ve also played in international tournaments. To level-up future matches between them, here are some tips:

  1. Work together: Rigorous training to understand each other’s playing styles.
  2. Analyze opponents: Study rivals’ strengths & weaknesses to devise tactics.
  3. Fitness: Regular conditioning, balanced nutrition & rest for physical fitness.

With these, the next matches between Argentina and Panama will be more strategic. Get ready for some cat-and-mouse games—just hope they don’t chase after the ball like a dog after a squirrel.

Key Players and Tactics

Football is all about key players and tactics. Let’s look at Argentina and Panama‘s teams.

Lionel Messi is a huge part of Argentina’s attack. He’s famous for his fancy dribbling and scoring ability. Sergio Aguero helps out with his speed and agility. Javier Mascherano‘s passing and defending make him an important player. Nicolas Otamendi is solid in defense.

For Panama, Blas Perez is a great offensive player, and Gabriel Torres creates chances from the wings. Armando Cooper has vision and passing, and Roman Torres is strong in defense.

These players and strategies can decide the match. In 2016, Argentina beat Panama 5-0 in the Copa America Centenario. Messi scored a hat-trick in 19 minutes off the bench! It was great to watch.

Argentina and Panama have shown their skills in different ways. Football is all about key players and tactics.


The Argentina-Panama matches have been intense! Fans around the world have noticed.

The two countries have a long history of both triumph and disappointment. Each match offers something special.

To make future games even better, we should focus on youth talent and promote fair play. This will take the games to the next level. It will also motivate young players to play with passion and honor.

With these ideas in place, the rivalry between Argentina and Panama will be captivating for years to come. It’s sure to offer plenty of exciting moments!

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Argentina vs. Panama: National Football Team Match Histories and Timeline

1. When was the first match between Argentina and Panama’s national football teams?

The first match between Argentina and Panama’s national football teams took place on April 28, 1956.

2. Where was the first match held?

The first match between Argentina and Panama’s national football teams was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

3. How many times have Argentina and Panama played against each other?

As of now, Argentina and Panama have played against each other four times.

4. What is the overall head-to-head record between Argentina and Panama?

Argentina has won all four matches against Panama’s national football team.

5. When was the most recent match between Argentina and Panama?

The most recent match between Argentina and Panama’s national football teams took place on May 29, 2016.

6. Did Panama ever defeat Argentina’s national football team?

No, Panama has never defeated Argentina’s national football team in their previous encounters.