Honduras vs. Panama: A Look at Two Central American Gems

Central America is full of hidden gems! Honduras and Panama are two of the most extraordinary countries with abundant culture, gorgeous scenery, and kind people. In Honduras, the biodiversity will leave you mesmerized. There are lush rainforests, pristine beaches, and the majestic Copán Ruins. Plus, the Bay Islands have crystal-clear waters. Panama has a vibrant … Read more

Uruguay vs. Panama: A Deep Dive into their Football Rivalry

The Uruguay-Panama football rivalry is intense and full of excitement. It has a rich history that gets more thrilling every time they meet. Their first encounter was in 1952. These teams compete in World Cup qualifiers and international friendlies. The styles of play are different. Uruguay focuses on defense and finishing, while Panama plays quick … Read more

Planning the Perfect Panama Vacation: Tips and Destinations

panam travel tips

Planning a Panama vacation? Get ready for an exciting experience! Here are some tips from me for an unforgettable trip. Panama has something for everyone – explore cosmopolitan Panama City, or go to untouched Bocas del Toro. Discover rich history and culture in Casco Viejo, or immerse yourself in the rainforests of Gamboa. Whether you … Read more

Exciting Things to Do in Panama City for Tourists

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My first trip to Panama City was incredible! The city’s vibrant energy and culture captured my attention the second I arrived. Here I will tell you all about the amazing things you can do in this stunning city. You’ll never be bored in Panama City! Whether you’re a history buff or nature lover, there’s something … Read more

Guatemala vs. Panama: Comparing Culture, History, and Travel

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Guatemala and Panama’s diverse and vibrant cultures for a captivating glimpse into Central America. From ancient Mayan ruins to bustling markets, these nations have unique allure. In Guatemala, you’ll find a blend of indigenous traditions and Spanish influences. Colorful textiles tell stories of centuries past and colonial architecture showcases the country’s heritage. Meanwhile, Panama City … Read more

Is Panama Safe? Travel Safety Tips and Recommendations 2023

Panama, a Central American country bridging two oceans, is a popular destination for travelers looking for adventure and natural beauty. But before going, the question is: Is Panama safe? Crime rates in Panama are low compared to other countries. But, in large cities like Panama City, crime is higher in some areas. So, be aware … Read more