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  • José Nelson Brandao
  • Lawyer Brandao: Panamanian justice system is a shameful disaster

    Oscar Sulbarán

    Panamanian lawyer José Nelson Brandao expressed his concern about the general state of the justice system in the Isthmus. In an exclusive interview with Panama Today he questioned the role of those who are called to be "just and fair" in the country

2018/10/11 10:46:01
  • ONU
  • The ambassador of Panama to the OAS resigns without any reason


    The Panamanian Ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS), Jesús Sierra, presented his "irrevocable" resignation to the post, which he will leave on October 15, according to a letter dated October 3 and released today by the local media

2018/10/11 10:31:31
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  • Sitton
  • Panama is been evaluated by US for the lack of transparency with China relations


    As a result of the conflicts arisen in many sectors of the Panamanian community and the lack of transparency in Panama-China negotiations, in an exclusive interview with Panamatoday.com, lawyer Sidney Sittón expressed his opinion and concern about this matter. Previously a year ago, the lawyer reported us a series of unlawful businesses and money deposited in banks in China from Odebrecht, when the scandal of the construction company broke out worldwide and the plot became public

2018/10/10 18:33:02