Panama Canal

2018/12/31 12:11:58
2018/12/18 14:36:00
  • Panama Establishes a Commission for a National Ocean Policy
  • Panama Establishes a Commission for a National Ocean Policy


    Panama established today a commission for the formulation and development of a national ocean policy, in order to create guidelines and public and private actions for the first time linked to the reality of the country in the oceanic theme

2018/12/12 08:46:31
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2018/11/26 15:59:44
  • Panama Canal discusses with its ad honorem advisory board its performance
  • Panama Canal performance reviewed


    The Board of Directors and the Administration of the Panama Canal (ACP) began a meeting today with its ad honorem Advisory Board, to analyze the performance of the way through which about 6 percent of world trade passes

2018/11/11 20:25:35
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  • Water will determine Panama Canal expansion


    "If there is no water, let's forget the fourth set of locks" of the Panama Canal; the opening of the Darién Gap "makes sense"  and "there is still much to discuss" in the arbitrations for the third set of locks with Spanish Sacyr, said the administrator of the canal, Jorge Luis Quijano

2018/11/10 17:53:59
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  • Vessel hit Panama Canal lock wall


    The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) reported an incident that occurred this Friday with a ship that hit part of a wall in the Agua Clara locks on the extended waterway Atlantic side, without interrupting the transit of ships through the interoceanic strip

2018/10/25 20:04:24
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